Due Diligence

Efficiently Surface Hidden Risk in Counterparty Networks


Asset and beneficial ownership data

Trace ownership and influence through high-risk and hard-target jurisdictions in a few clicks.

Batch entity upload

Match thousands of your customers, vendors, or other names of interest against Sayari’s extensive database.

Global watch and sanctions lists

Enrich watch and sanctions lists with complete subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches, trade partners, and affiliates.

Entity resolution & network visualization

Visualize comprehensive counterparty networks and tailor risk searches to your exact requirements.

Third-Party Due Diligence

In the midst of a forced labor ban by CBP and an extensive sanctions regime, corporate enterprises need comprehensive insight into counterparty networks.

  • Get “single-click” beneficial ownership mapping and distance calculations between your targets and watchlisted entities
  • Tailor searches to your exact requirements with filters based on risk, jurisdiction, and distance-to-risk
  • Supplement native networks with internal data and screen counterparty lists in bulk
Sayari supports U.S. Customs and Border Protection with enterprise trade analytics

Enhanced Due Diligence

High-risk clients with business operations and investments across multiple jurisdictions can pose considerable enhanced due diligence challenges.

  • Drive effective EDD at scale with over 400 corporate data registries and 200 fully integrated international watch and sanctions lists.
  • Trace nested ownership and control across borders and into offshore jurisdictions using court-admissible public records.
  • Tailor searches to your exact requirements with filters based on risk, jurisdiction, and distance-to-risk.
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Case Study

Sayari Propels Remote’s Operational Risk Team Toward Reliable, Frictionless AML

Remote empowers companies to hire global talent by streamlining international HR workflows, including payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, stock options, relocation, and more. Its Operational Risk team, responsible for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and customer onboarding functions, runs all prospective customers through a series of checks and validations designed to protect the company from illicit actors and other types of operational risk.

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Improve Risk Assessments with Counterparty Transparency

Harness authoritative public records efficiently and effectively. Get a trial of Sayari to find out how your organization can conduct investigations that yield results.

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