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Insights 4 minute READ 06/17/2021

Tracking an Iran-DPRK Gold Smuggling Scheme With Public Records

Several Iranian and North Korean nationals are suspected of smuggling gold and cash to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) via the United Arab Emirates, according to a recent UN report. [..]

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Dataset 1 minute READ 06/16/2021

Tracking and Comparing Chinese Military Companies Appearing on Different U.S. Regulatory Watchlists

The U.S. government has released four separate watchlists of Chinese military companies. Download our master list to easily track where each list overlaps and where they differentiate. [..]

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Insights 9 minute READ 06/03/2021

Alleged ‘Pure Narco’ of Colombia’s Gulf Clan Linked to Broad Corporate Network, Luxury Real Estate Projects In Medellín

A recently arrested alleged Colombian drug trafficker connected to one of the country’s largest transnational criminal organizations is linked to multiple luxury real estate development projects in [..]

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Insights 9 minute READ 05/25/2021

Huarong was born from one global crisis. Will it survive the next?

This article originally was published by SupChina on May 19, 2021. Perhaps no state-owned entity has received more attention this past month than Huarong Asset Management Co., a publicly listed [..]

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Insights 7 minute READ 05/20/2021

Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank Accused of Financial Crimes Linked to Dozens of Companies

As Lebanon faces a devastating economic crisis, authorities from multiple jurisdictions are coordinating efforts to track the movement of funds and assets linked to the governor of the Central Bank of [..]

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Webinars 05/13/2021

Master Class: Detecting U.S. and Latin America TBML Risk

Examine an ongoing federal case into a U.S.-Paraguay TBML network, and learn how public records and graph analytics can identify TBML-related risk. [..]

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Insights 1 minute READ 05/13/2021

Sayari Analyst Insight: How Understanding Naming Conventions Can Enhance Investigations

Whether you’re running know your customer (KYC) checks, conducting supply chain due diligence, or investigating a cross-jurisdictional money laundering scheme, properly understanding naming [..]

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Insights 11 minute READ 05/06/2021

Public Records Shed New Light on the Alleged Forced Bankruptcy of Serbia’s Termoelektro

Following the 2013 bankruptcy of the then recently privatized Serbian company Termoelektro JSC, the workers – many of whom had been laid off – filed a criminal complaint in 2014 alleging numerous [..]

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Insights 9 minute READ 04/29/2021

Indicted Paraguay-Based Money Launderer Linked to Broader Illicit Finance Schemes in South America’s Tri-Border Area

A Paraguay-based currency exchange operator indicted in two U.S. jurisdictions on several money laundering-related charges is linked to broader contraband and money laundering schemes in South [..]

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Dataset 1 minute READ 04/22/2021

Shareable Dataset: At-Risk, Non-Obvious Subsidiaries of BIS-Listed Chinese Military End Users in Tech, Aerospace, & Metals

U.S.-identified Chinese military end users (MEUs) control more than 80 previously unnamed entities, according to our public records analysis. These companies, while not explicitly named as MEUs, may [..]

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