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High-Risk XPCC Entities for Enhanced Sanctions Compliance

This product is a structured dataset of the highest-risk entities associated with the XPCC. It is designed to help compliance teams quickly triage risk, focusing specifically on the 4,000+ legal entities (e.g. companies limited by shares, LLCs, partnerships, factories, etc.), plus their branches, that are branded entities of the XPCC or solely owned by the XPCC and its subordinate divisions, regiments, and components.

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This Master Class is ideal for those who focus on anti-money laundering, due diligence and KYC, or other investigations in Latin America and East Asia, are concerned about hidden exposure to illicit fentanyl networks and want to learn how to leverage public data in your workflows.
This Master Class is ideal for those who conduct enhanced due diligence and financial crime investigations in Asia, develop or implement financial crime compliance frameworks, or oversee OFAC sanctions compliance.
How the right data and technology can fill the gaps left by government UBO registries and enable customer risk management
SASACs exist to manage government assets, specifically SOEs, on behalf of the state. Anyone investigating China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will eventually come across their primary owner, one of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commissions (SASAC).
The investigation into the Barrera Palacios network reportedly began after an unnamed financial institution filed a suspicious activity report (SAR) in 2012 with Peru’s Financial Intelligence Unit.
Topics will include how to identify Chinese state-owned enterprises using public records, explanation of key Chinese government structures and investment vehicles, and a case study into the XPCC's vast and complex holdings
Gracias a los datos públicos, descubrimos una red corporativa con sede en México relacionada con una persona sospechosa de suministrar fentanilo ilegal al Cártel de Sinaloa.
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Verifying a company’s existence is a crucial first step in conducting third-party risk assessments. Follow these tips during your third-party onboarding process to identify and verify a business’s existence in China using public records.
Tip Sheet
UBO can be one of the most difficult pieces of information to identify when investigating entities with a global network. Follow these steps to identify a company’s UBO via the Central Bank of Russia.