Unmasking Offshore Companies Beyond The Pandora Papers | Public Data Masterclass

12/15/21 4 minute read

The Pandora Papers vividly illustrate the importance of access to global public data in the fight against financial crime. But beneficial ownership registers remain few and far between, and it is neither sufficient nor practical for AML and compliance teams to rely solely on leaked confidential data.

Fortunately, we can learn a lot about offshore companies and the people behind them through legally disclosed public data — if we know where and how to look. Join Sayari’s Vice President of Content Jessica Abell for a timely and practical discussion of offshores, including investigative tips, insights into the intersection of leaked confidential records and public data, and case studies based on the Pandora Papers and other real-life investigations.

You will learn:

What the Pandora Papers tell us, and what they don’t

Leaked company data, like the Pandora Papers, can help you identify company ownership and control in offshore and secrecy jurisdictions. But maximum visibility into offshore corporate structures requires combining leaked and public data. We’ll talk about why and how to do this, with examples.

What public data exists on offshore companies and how to find it

Not all offshore jurisdictions are total black holes. You will learn what public data does exist for offshore companies and how to identify and work around access barriers.

Tips and techniques for uncovering beneficial ownership globally

We will explain how records filed in more transparent jurisdictions can help you figure out the true owners and controllers of offshore companies in secrecy jurisdictions. These investigative techniques can help uncover UBO of companies globally, not just offshores.

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