Layering Public Records and Blockchain Analytics to Enhance Cryptocurrency Investigations

05/08/23 2 minute read

From sanctions evasion and large-scale fraud to drug trafficking and terrorist financing, illicit actors are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies to carry out their illegal activities. And while threat actors largely use virtual currencies to remain anonymous, investigators can better unmask and target these networks with access to the right data and technology.

Join us on Wednesday, May 24th at 11:00 am (EST) for a joint masterclass from Sayari and Chainalysis to learn how pairing public records with blockchain analytics can drive more effective investigations into crypto-related fraud and money laundering.

We will discuss:
  •  Money laundering via cryptocurrencies — a 30,000-foot view
  • Types of on-chain entities used to facilitate crypto-related illicit finance
  • Illicit funds statistics in cryptocurrency
  • A case study analyzing the HashFlare crypto fraud and money laundering network

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