A purpose-built platform for complex, cross-border investigations

Sayari for Forensics and Advisory
  • Gain new visibility and insight into hard-target and high-risk third countries, leveraging databases and document repositories never previously searchable
  • Discover non-obvious risk-relevant relationships between people and companies, hiding in local public records documents
  • Ensure your clients have the most reliable sourcing and the most comprehensive global data to gain decision advantage and decision confidence in high-stakes business situations
  • Automate labor-intensive intelligence gathering and help ensure consistency across investigations with hundreds of millions of pre-built corporate networks, at your fingertips
  • Clarify and communicate to key stakeholders the structure and flow of complex, cross-border money trails with graph analytics and network visualization tools

Accelerate Your Data Discovery

Ready to learn how Sayari can bolster your financial intelligence capabilities, cross-border due diligence, and third-party risk management?

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