Automated linking & mapping of financial relationships for time-critical recovery efforts

Sayari for Forensics and Advisory
  • Identify recoverable holdings in real property, moveable property, company stock, and other assets all over the world, as well as their potential value.
  • Verify subject ownership with rich identifying information for people and companies, sourced from public records all over the world.
  • Expand the scope of the recovery effort by examining connections between a subject and their associates, proxies, and even relatives.
  • Accelerate the asset identification process by taking advantage of pre-built relationship mapping and new ways of searching public data, including universal reverse-search and free-text search capability.
  • Enable clients to understand the true financial position of their counterparties before initiating or expanding litigation.

Accelerate Your Data Discovery

Ready to learn how Sayari can bolster your financial intelligence capabilities, cross-border due diligence, and third-party risk management?

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