Regulatory requirements and enforcement actions for Global Financial Institutions are getting ever more complex and numerous. Simultaneously, GFIs are expected to produce high quality financial crime reporting, and face pressure to reduce manual compliance workflows and costly third-party data integrations.

AML / KYC (Know Your Customer)

KYC checks and AML compliance are no longer limited to the customer present at account opening. Regulations require the individual or organization interacting with the FI to identify company ownership and direct or indirect stakeholders.

Sayari Graph uncovers both legal and ultimate beneficial ownership to ensure individuals and entities cannot use a financial institution for illicit financial gains.

In order to identify ultimate beneficial ownership and minimize reputational risk, Sayari provides hundreds of millions of curated and structured original public records.

Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Illicit actors and terror financing groups often operate across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. These actors hide and move assets by creating a facade of licit business activities. Sayari Graph is the first purpose-built platform to conduct detailed investigations on illicit businesses.

Sanctions Screening

With the increased importance of narrative sanctions, sectoral sanctions, and the OFAC 50% Rule, financial institutions are under significant regulatory pressure to screen both listed individuals and entities, and individuals and entities connected to them.

Sayari Graph incorporates existing sanctions data from regulatory bodies around the world. A growing database of over 530 million official public records from over 100 countries ensures FIs are not engaging in relationships with individuals and businesses that fall under narrative sanctions.

PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), SOEs (State Owned Entities), and SIEs (State Invested Entities)

In addition to screening PEPs, their immediate relatives, and close associates, FIs must ensure that any business owned by a PEP is not used for laundering money, bribery, or corrupt practices. Sayari Graph identifies risk related to PEP ownership and control to ensure compliance with FCPA and global anti-corruption legislation.

SOE and SIE information can be sourced from existing data vendors, but subsidiary and ownership details may be difficult to identify or intentionally obfuscated. Sayari Graph uncovers these relationships to ensure subsidiary networks of SOEs and SIEs are properly monitored and screened.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

By utilizing Sayari Graph, FIs can reduce their reliance on bespoke due diligence reports, thereby significantly reducing the time to onboard new clients and lowering costs for the production of individual reports.

Fraud Investigation

Financial institutions spend money every year on tools and resources to identify and prevent fraud. Unlike existing legacy tools, Sayari Graph is purpose-built to expose financial networks and uncover beneficiaries of fraudulent activity.

Partners & Integrations

Seamless Integration at Scale

We understand that data is only useful when it can be consumed and integrated at scale. We’re proud to partner with some of the most prominent technology and product infrastructure companies in the world to enable our enterprise clients’ success.

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