Corporations expand operations, enter new markets, diversify supply chains, and interact with third-parties across emerging, frontier, and opaque markets like never before. Compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and sanctions and export control regulations must be managed alongside brand protection and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Risk due diligence on suppliers and third parties is increasingly becoming a natural part of the standard procurement process. The ability to reliably and repeatedly perform risk due diligence on targeted suppliers in jurisdictions with opaque disclosures laws or foreign language public records can be a value driver for procurement and supply chain teams. Sayari Graph powers efficient and effective risk due diligence on new suppliers and integrates seamlessly to ensure that ongoing assessments of supplier risk produce actionable insights.

Reputational Risk & Brand Protection

Corporate investigation and business intelligence teams are challenged by growing demands to provide more accurate and actionable information on business partners and third party risk. The volume and complexity of illicit networks, counterfeiters, product diversions, fraud, and other sources of reputational and regulatory risk to today’s global enterprises places is unprecedented. Sayari Graph powers corporate investigation and intelligence teams by reducing the cost and time associated with cross-border illicit network analysis in opaque markets.

Partners & Integrations

Seamless Integration at Scale

We understand that data is only useful when it can be consumed and integrated at scale. We’re proud to partner with some of the most prominent technology and product infrastructure companies in the world to enable our enterprise clients’ success.

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