Accelerate global AML investigations without compromising on quality

  • Automate the most time-consuming stages of an anti-money laundering or financial crime investigation by leveraging pre-built networks, data visualizations, and analytics. Sayari’s graph technology gives you “one-click” beneficial ownership mapping, distance calculations between your customer and a watchlist or sanctioned jurisdiction, and the ability to export all data and documents for inclusion in SAR and internal reporting.
  • Disposition high-risk or complex cases with instant access to the most reliable full-spectrum public records data, including corporate and vital records from all over the world, to help quickly identify false positives.
  • Surface previously unidentified financial crime risk within your customer book before illicit actors can conduct transactions.
  • Scan the horizon for emerging financial crime risks with advanced search facets and filters. Slice and dice our data to find patterns and categories of potentially high-risk activity based on your geographic and product exposure.

Accelerate Your Data Discovery

Ready to learn how Sayari can bolster your financial intelligence capabilities, cross-border due diligence, and third-party risk management?

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