Enhance your sanctions program with integrated watchlist & global company data

  • Accelerate sanctions investigations with direct access to individual and company information from high-risk jurisdictions like China, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. Sayari provides detailed ownership and control information on over 75M companies and 99M key personnel in these four countries alone, plus hundreds of millions more around the world.
  • Increase confidence in data sourcing and minimize reliance on Google with direct access to over 740M original documents sourced from official government registries all over the world, many of which Sayari makes searchable for the first time.
  • Ensure compliance with “narrative sanctions” and the “OFAC 50% rule” plus EU equivalents. Sayari uses graph analytics to pre-compute ownership structures and flag any indirect or beneficial owners that appear on a sanctions list, including the SDN list, as well as map subsidiaries or affiliates of entities on a watchlist.
  • Integrate directly with case management and screening and monitoring platforms via user interface, data file, or API.

Accelerate Your Data Discovery

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