The first purpose-built solution for navigating the complexity of global commercial & financial networks

Sayari is designed from the ground up to help analysts and investigators combat financial crime.
Sayari for government

Sayari Graph empowers Defense & Intelligence and Law Enforcement & Regulatory teams to:

  • Improve their access to reliable data sources all over the world, especially in hard-target countries
  • Understand complex cross-border networks of commercial and financial relationships
  • Discover mission critical information hiding in plain sight in foreign public records
Sayari uses open source data and graph technology to match and resolve people and companies across disparate datasets and jurisdictions, automating key steps of data collection and processing in order to free up analysts and investigators to focus on higher-level questions.

Defense & Intelligence

Sayari enables data-driven solutions for counter-threat finance mission sets. Evidence of illicit finance, proliferation, trafficking, and more is hiding in plain sight, as well as sensitive foreign national security information. With access to hundreds of millions of primary source records, you can gain visibility and insight into hard-target countries, denied areas, and strategic rivals, including Russia, China, and Iran.
Sayari Process
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Law Enforcement & Regulatory

Sayari leverages global data and graph technology to enhance complex, cross-border investigations and enforcement. Trace the proceeds of crime and corruption across the world, identifying shell companies, financial connections, and recoverable assets across the world using court-admissible documents.

Partners & Integrations

We’re proud to support some of the most prominent secure cloud delivery partners and defense integrators to make our clients’ acquisition processes frictionless.
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