The first purpose-built solution for navigating global third-party & supplier risk

Trade wars, a global pandemic, and high-profile enforcement actions have left multinationals reexamining complex supply chains and questioning how well they really know their counterparty ecosystem.
Sayari for Corporates

Sayari Graph empowers Third-Party Risk Management, Brand Protection & Enforcement, and Export Controls & Trade Compliance teams to:

  • Improve their access to reliable data sources all over the world, especially in high-risk third countries, to truly understand the supplier and counterparty ecosystem.
  • Understand the people and companies behind the counterfeit, fraud, and product diversion schemes that threaten bottom line, product integrity, and business reputation.
  • Mitigate sanctions, legal, and regulatory exposure in shipments to and from high-risk, low-transparency jurisdictions.
Sayari’s graph-based technology automatically builds a networked picture of your counterparties and their relationships, captures key regulatory information like beneficial ownership, and quickly reveals any connections to watchlisted or other high-risk entities, all while providing access to original source documents and an audit trail.

Brand Protection & Enforcement

Protect business reputation and product integrity with data-driven risk insights. Sayari enhances intellectual property enforcement and takedown operations by exposing the people behind the companies involved in illicit trade, not just their knockoff brands. With instant access to primary source court-admissible documents from around the world, you can automate labor-intensive intelligence gathering and enrich civil and criminal referrals.
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Third-Party Risk Management

Discover and monitor integrity risks in your third party and supplier ecosystem. Sayari offers unparalleled coverage of company and factory ownership across the world, including countries like China, Mexico, and Brazil. Quickly uncover entities with state control (SOE), political exposure (PEP), or operations in areas such as Xinjiang that are subject to forced labor and other government supply chain advisories.

Export Controls & Trade Compliance

Enhance your export controls program with integrated watchlist and global company data from high-risk jurisdictions like China, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. Sayari uses graph analytics to pre-compute ownership structures and flag any hits on a screening list, accelerating complex investigations and enabling compliance with “narrative sanctions” and the “OFAC 50% rule.”
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Partners & Integrations

Seamless Integration at Scale

We understand that data is only useful when it can be consumed and integrated at scale. We’re proud to partner with some of the most prominent technology and product infrastructure companies in the world to enable our enterprise clients’ success.
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