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We collect and structure public data in real time from all around the world, in order to help clients understand who is connected to whom, and whether those connections matter.


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We've collected and indexed hundreds of millions of public records, previously unsearchable due to the difficulty of accessing local government databases, across dozens of languages and jurisdictions. We're adding or updating on average nearly one million records per day.

These records cover years of corporate formations and changes, litigation, real property transactions, intellectual property filings, regulatory disclosures, commercial and trade activity, vital records registration, and all associated supporting documentation.

Not only have we made these records searchable, we've also run OCR on millions of previously non-machine readable documents, translated and transliterated names, extracted objects like people and companies from unstructured text, and identified matching entities and attributes across the rest of the world.


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Cross-border investigations are time consuming and resource intensive.

SAYARI SEARCH alleviates the burden of querying dozens of name variations and aliases across dozens of data sources in dozens of countries, allowing an analyst to focus on following the right leads to quickly derive insight from massive amounts of data.

With a single query, simultaneously search for companies in China and Panama, trade licenses in Iraq, real estate in Switzerland and El Salvador, and voter records in Jordan.

And, we've already started drawing links for you.

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Our terabytes of unique data are the foundation of our suite of SAYARI INTEL products, designed for government and financial sector customers.

A sanctions action or indictment represents a small piece of a network, at a static moment in time. Sayari runs all the names and attributes from these lists against all of our global data all the time, identifying thousands of companies around the world owned or controlled by blacklisted entities.

We provide disambiguating attributes and the full document trail, sourced back to official public records, for every network. 

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We speak dozens of languages and have conducted online and offline public records research in over 120 countries and jurisdictions, from free zones to war zones. 

Take advantage of our tools by letting one of our analysts do the work for you.

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Sayari works with public sector organizations across the spectrum of security and regulatory communities.

Our public source data currently supports use cases ranging from export control to law enforcement lead generation.


Sayari helps some of the largest bank and non-bank financial institutions in the world manage sanctions, money laundering, and terror financing risk in emerging and offshore markets.


Sayari builds tools for multinationals with complex, cross-border operations.

We currently provide due diligence, brand protection, and investigative support to companies operating in sectors as diverse as accounting, apparel, consumer goods, energy, pharmaceuticals, and travel.