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Global Data

Sayari provides instant access to structured business information on over 434 million companies and 495 million of their key people in over 200 jurisdictions worldwide. We’ve collected over 2.3 billion corporate disclosure documents and we’re just getting started.


Million+ Companies


Billion+ Documents


Billion+ Relationships


Million+ Key People

Our Customers Include:

Authoritative Data Collected & Connected

Every piece of information displayed in our products is linked to an original source document that has been extracted from an official source. These sources represent years of company formations and changes, litigation filings, asset transactions, intellectual and industrial property applications, internal commercial and foreign trade activity, civil registry notices, and many other types of public records.

Assessing risk is best done with official, carefully sourced data derived from authoritative government registries.

We Support Complex Organizations:

Financial Institutions

Powering the next generation of financial crime and risk management.


Navigate third party and supplier risk to really know your counterparty ecosystem.


Combat financial crime, illicit networks and gain visiblity into opaque and hard target countries.

Graph Analytics

Preset and customizable financial crime graph analytics powered by the most scalable database technology on the market.

Visualization & Search

Hundreds of millions of pre-built profiles, corporate hierarchies, and network visualizations, searchable globally.

Full API Documentation

Easily integrate our global corporate data into your workflow.

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