Sourcing & Procurement

Put Your Sub-tier Suppliers on the Map


Unified corporate ownership and trade data

Trade data from 65+ reporting countries integrates with global corporate ownership data for a more complete picture of your supply chain

Risk identification and insight

Quickly uncover 40+ types of hidden regulatory and ESG compliance, reputational, and business continuity risk

Batch supplier screening

Upload your supplier lists and screen them for core supply chain risks within seconds

Advanced analytics and dashboards

Automated dashboards, alerts, and intuitive visualizations illuminate supplier networks and monitor them over time

Supply Chain Mapping

Harness the power of connected data to deepen your supply chain visibility and illuminate hidden connections in seconds.

  • Automate discovery of sub-tier suppliers based on import-export data from 65+ reporting countries
  • Visualize supplier networks instantly with automated and intuitive visualizations
  • Target suppliers by product with filters to show only the most relevant relationships.
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Supply Chain Risk Management

Drive resilience across your end-to-end supply chain by staying ahead of potential disruptions – including ESG and regulatory compliance, reputational, and business continuity risk.

  • Upload and screen suppliers instantly. No more waiting weeks or months for insight. Your team is in the driver’s seat, powered by Sayari’s automated entity resolution.
  • Surface hidden supply chain risks that impact sub-tier suppliers or don’t appear on industry-standard screening lists.
  • Cut through the noise. Advanced risk analytics highlight relevant insights so you can clearly understand the impact on your organization.
  • Streamline continuous monitoring with intuitive dashboards and notifications for changes in risk exposure
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ESG and Regulatory Compliance

Manage regulatory and ESG compliance mandates with confidence, leveraging Sayari’s market-leading coverage of trade and corporate data.

  • Access enriched screening lists (including UFLPA Entity List, CBP WRO Entities) with company details, corporate structures, trading partners, and more
  • Proactively identify ESG and regulatory risk with 40+ risk indicators that automatically flag emerging risks targeted by international regulators
  • Uncover hidden risks that impact sub-tier suppliers, don’t appear on industry-standard screening lists, or otherwise are not obvious
  • Streamline reporting and continuous monitoring with notifications for any changes in risk exposure and one-click exports
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Forced Labor Risk Screening

Move beyond list-based forced labor screening with Sayari, trusted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to support import regulations including the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

  • Proactively identify forced labor risk with 32+ risk indicators that flag industry-standard screening lists, as well as emerging forced labor risk typologies targeted by US and international regulators.
  • Screen for 1.6+ million companies geolocated in Xinjiang and their trading partners around the world
  • Access analyst-curated risk insights from high-value sources such as the Sheffield-Hallam University reports on forced labor.
  • Leverage unified corporate and trade data in China and globally to uncover non-obvious risk throughout your entire supply chain, including sub-tier suppliers
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Case Study

Sayari Propels Remote’s Operational Risk Team Toward Reliable, Frictionless AML

Remote empowers companies to hire global talent by streamlining international HR workflows, including payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, stock options, relocation, and more. Its Operational Risk team, responsible for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and customer onboarding functions, runs all prospective customers through a series of checks and validations designed to protect the company from illicit actors and other types of operational risk.

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Protect your Brand with Supply Chain Transparency

Harness authoritative public records efficiently and effectively. Get a trial of Sayari to find out how your organization can conduct investigations that yield results.

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