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Our partnership with Sayari is instrumental to our goal of building a safe, sustainable onboarding procedure.
Helena Carias
Senior AML Analyst
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We have been able to evaluate and monitor potential exposure risks throughout our supply chain.
Francesca Navarro
Global Sourcing & Trade Compliance Manager
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Most Comprehensive

Sayari provides the most expansive global data and includes provenance to billions of original documents. Official corporate records layered with trade data, adverse media, and geospatial information delivers unmatched coverage.

“Sayari has been an extremely helpful tool.”

Empowered Risk Insights

Sayari’s precomputed relationships accelerate investigations and screening to reveal non-obvious risk. Efficiency features empower teams to quickly isolate and understand their targets or suppliers for more informed decisions.

“Every team should have access to Sayari.”

Immediate Value

Sayari deploys in minutes (not months) and requires neither extensive training nor specialized programming knowledge. There’s no need to install anything locally, and all deployments are fully-supported by a dedicated team of experts.

“We have really come to rely on Sayari as a foundational resource.”

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Deploy in Minutes

First-time users often find their target of interest within the first five minutes of using the platform.
0 Weeks
Teams typically provision and deploy Sayari in seconds.
5 Minutes
Half of users find their target within the first five minutes of using the platform.

9 out of 10 searches instantly return results in Sayari

Find More, Faster

We automate entity resolution, networking, risk detection, and translation so that you can arrive at insights in a fraction of the time.

About Our Product

From experience, what would have taken days, maybe even weeks to produce by scouring open-source internet sites and finding someone who could translate the documents was achieved in minutes.

Chief Intelligence Officer
US Federal Law Enforcement Field Office

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