Financial Crime

Accelerate Cross-Border Investigations Into Illicit Financial Activity


Asset and beneficial ownership data

Trace ownership and influence through high-risk and hard-target jurisdictions in a few clicks.

Global watch and sanctions lists

Enrich watch and sanctions lists with complete subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches, trade partners, and affiliates.

Entity resolution & network visualization

Visualize comprehensive financial networks and tailor risk searches to your exact requirements.

Built-in data provenance

Support suspicious activity reports with court-admissible source documents available from directly within the platform.

AML & Complex Investigations

The Wolfsberg Group and the FATF recommend focusing on network activity and beneficial ownership in financial crime investigations.

  • Get “single-click” beneficial ownership mapping and distance calculations between your customers and watchlisted entities.
  • Trace nested ownership and control across borders and into offshore jurisdictions using court-admissible public records.
  • Surface previously unidentified financial crime risk within your customer base and payment counterparty networks.
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Financial Intelligence

The Wolfsberg Group and the FATF are urging FIUs to more effectively enable law enforcement by reporting on suspicious network activity and complex threads in financial crime priority areas.

  • Access comprehensive beneficial ownership information from high-risk and hard-target jurisdictions, including China, Mexico, Russia, and offshores.
  • Enrich suspicious activity reports with primary-source, court-admissible documents accessible from directly within the platform.
  • Drive cross-border network discovery and investigations with robust graph analytics.
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Trusted by the Regulators & the Regulated

Sayari helps reduce systemic risk by prioritizing transparency, giving organizations more power to protect the people, businesses, and nations they serve.

"We have really come to rely on Sayari as a foundational resource. [...] The indictment listed the shell companies, but when we put them in Sayari we found connections to 15-20 more companies, which we then used to better identify [the bank’s] exposure to this risk. We wouldn't have found this without Sayari.

Head of Proactive Investigations
Top 3 UK Financial Institution, August 2022

Ensure Compliance with Comprehensive Risk Intelligence

Harness authoritative public records efficiently and effectively. Get a trial of Sayari to find out how your organization can conduct investigations that yield results.

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