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Built for Mission-Critical Investigations

Financial Crime

Accelerate cross-border investigations into illicit financial activity with comprehensive beneficial ownership information from offshores and hard-target jurisdictions.

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Corporate Investigations & Risk Management

Confidently assess existing and prospective third-party risk with comprehensive, pre-computed commercial networks, embedded watchlists, and automated risk intelligence.

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Defense & Intelligence

Gain information advantage to influence or disrupt adversarial interests by identifying commercial entities used to conduct foreign policy and economic statecraft.

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Global Trade

Efficiently surface entities linked to designated parties or high-risk jurisdictions using embedded watchlists, trade and maritime data, graph analytics, and geospatial search.

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Due Diligence

Diligence complex sub-tier networks across even the most opaque borders for more accurate insight into supplier, vendor, customer, and counterparty risk.

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Law Enforcement & Regulatory

Instantly identify entities linked to designated parties and supplement networks with new investigative findings while maintaining a court-admissible paper trail.

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