About Sayari


Transact and trade with confidence in a complex, globalized economy. Sayari is a venture-backed and founder-led global corporate data provider and commercial intelligence platform.


Sayari Graph harnesses the proliferation of digitized commercial registries and government regulatory disclosures to produce the most accurate model of commercial and financial relationships. Our proprietary pipelines collect, extract, enrich, match, and analyze high value information from over 150 countries, enabling enterprises to have a complete picture of customers, counterparties, and competitors.

Sayari Graph is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud application with an intuitive user interface, scalable API feeds, and on-premise deployment models.

Our Customers Include:


Sayari’s greatest asset is its people. Our team brings drive, creativity, experience, and so much talent to overcome the world’s toughest data challenges.

Our Leadership Team:


Leading from the front, especially during tough times; never ask anything of our teams that we are not willing or able to do ourselves.


Empowering team members to make decisions independently and sharing information openly, broadly, and deliberately.


Practicing extraordinary candor; welcome appropriate and respectful input and / or disagreement.

Our Leadership Team:

Aylia Naqvi

VP of People Operations

Nelson Peters

VP of Customer Success

Farley Mesko

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Power

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Rhoades

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Abell

VP of Content Strategy

Tobias Rinsche

Chief Marketing Officer

David Lynch

VP of Sales

Edward Sander

Chief Product Officer

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