Global Trade

Safeguard Your Cross-Border Commerce From Sanctions and Trade Risk


Risk identification & categorization

Quickly uncover hidden trade risk with 40+ risk factors computed across 250+ jurisdictions.

Global watch and sanctions lists

Enrich regulatory lists with complete subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches, trade partners, and affiliates.

Entity resolution & network visualization

Visualize comprehensive trade networks and tailor risk searches to your exact requirements.

Built-in data provenance

Support all findings with court-admissible public records, accessible from directly within the platform.

Import Compliance

To comply with the UFLPA, importers must have a comprehensive supply chain map and the ability to demonstrate forced labor risk due diligence at all stages.

  • Leverage a DHS CBP UFLPA Entity List enriched with 5K previously unidentified subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches & affiliates
  • View profiles on 1.6M corporate entities geolocated in Xinjiang Province as well as 91M Chinese company profiles
  • Quickly identify Xinjiang forced labor risk with six dedicated risk factor types
  • Navigate foreign languages with embedded translation and transliteration tools
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Export Controls

In a fluctuating economic landscape newly complicated by expanded export control regimes, exporters need deep visibility into cross-border counterparty networks. 

  • Enrich BIS MEU, NS-CMIC, Section 1260H, and other regulatory lists with complete subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches, trade partners, and affiliates
  • Quickly uncover hidden trade counterparty connections, including transshipment risk and sanctioned ownership and control
  • Upload counterparty lists for efficient bulk screening
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Sanctions Compliance

With the OFAC 50% rule in force, regulated institutions must protect themselves from indirect sanctions exposure through nested structures.

  • Ensure compliance with visibility into non-obvious commercial ownership
  • Instantly identify sanctions risks, including formerly sanctioned entities, direct subsidiaries of sanctioned entities, and entities closely linked to sanctioned entities
  • Enrich SARs with primary-source, court-admissible documents
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Responsible Sourcing & ESG

Between growing investor demand and mounting regulatory pressure, multinational corporations are strongly incentivized to prioritize environmental, social, and governance mandates. 

  • Tailor searches to your exact requirements with filters based on risk, jurisdiction, and distance-to-risk
  • Supplement native networks with internal data using powerful data editing features
  • Access the official source documents needed for disclosure reports from directly within the platform
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Trusted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Sayari was awarded a $7.8 million contract from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to support mitigation of ongoing global supply chain risks and ensure major U.S. corporations comply with import regulations, including new directives like the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

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