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Cheat Sheet: Global Forced Labor Regulations

09/13/23 2 minute read

Download the Cheat Sheet:

Although it did a lot to reprioritize forced labor as a top-tier compliance challenge, the UFLPA is by no means the only forced labor regulation multinational corporations must contend with. A host of policies — some established, some new — are complicating the compliance landscape and threatening to disrupt supply chains. Download this cheat sheet for a handy guide to the following five sister forced labor laws:

  1. The Australia Modern Slavery Act
  2. The Canada Modern Slavery Act
  3. The EU Forced Labor Ban
  4. The Germany Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  5. The UK Modern Slavery Act

Each entry includes a summary of the law’s provisions, scope, and penalties as well as key dates and relevant links. Get the guide to stay abreast of international regulations and incorporate them into your risk mitigation strategies.

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