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Graph questions, include:

  • Understanding the difference between entity profiles and records
  • Knowing how to interpret dates/historical records in graph
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Google Translate API
  • And many more…

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Ahmed Zuhairy

Ahmed is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Analyst at Sayari, where he uses public records to research issues of financial crime and global risk. He has a background in Arab studies with a focus on Iraqi politics and was living and working in the Middle East before joining Sayari.

Ashley Pratt

Ashley is the Trial Manager at Sayari. She supports trial user onboarding and user platform experience. Ashley has a background in international relations and open-source research. Previously, Ashley was working for Exiger Diligence on due diligence projects in Spanish and English.

Bjorn Kjelstad

Bjorn Kjelstad is the lead Latin America analyst at Sayari, where he specializes in using public records to investigate transnational criminal networks. He previously worked in Medellin, Colombia for InsightCrime, where he reported on organized crime.

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Sayari provides data intelligence platforms to power the fight against financial crime, increase corporate transparency in high-risk places, and support critical national security mission sets. The top global financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, financial crime regulators, and enforcement agencies in 35 countries trust Sayari every day.

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