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Transform AML & KYC: A Scalable, Automated Solution for Identifying Beneficial Ownership

The availability of corporate registries across the globe are inconsistent – and FinCEN’s new registry is unlikely to immediately or completely solve the problem. Identifying ultimate beneficial ownership continues to be a pressing challenge for financial institutions. In this webinar we will explore how “open data” and graph technology are being used to help ease this challenge.

Join us to hear Elizabeth Bethoney (CAMS-FCI), Vice President of Market Development at Sayari Labs, present a scalable, automated solution that is transforming AML and KYC. Additionally, Abhishek Mehta, Director of Field Engineering at TigerGraph, will discuss the role of graph databases in uncovering connections that identify beneficial ownership. The webinar hill be hosted by David Ronald, Director of Product Marketing at Tiger Graph.

General Information

Date: Tuesday, May 25
Time: 10:00 AM EDT / 17:00 UTC
Length: 60 Minutes
Cost: Free

About Sayari

Sayari empowers government and industry to protect finance, trade and security systems by illuminating the global commercial networks through connected public data and documents. Providing commercial intelligence data from over 250 jurisdictions worldwide, Sayari delivers the entity network visualizations and intuitive risk identifications that decision makers need to stay proactively informed and power safer global commerce.

Since its founding in 2015, Sayari has earned the trust of top financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations and government agencies, securing a $40M Series C in 2021. Sayari is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and its solutions are used by more than 3,000 frontline analysts in 35 countries.