CBW Program Supply Chains: GosNIIOKhT

We thought you might be interested in our latest resource on procurement pathways for Russian research institutes implicated in chemical and/or biological weapons (CBW) programs.
For context, Sayari has conducted investigations into Russian research institutes implicated in current and/or historical CBW research and production. In response to the Russian government’s use of a chemical weapon, the U.S. Department of State added six such research institutes to the CAATSA Section 231 List of Specified Persons. As you may recall, we found that these six institutes do not appear to directly import from abroad, instead appearing to procure goods including lab equipment and materials from domestic suppliers.

The dataset above includes the names and identifying information for certain domestic suppliers to GosNIIOKhT, one of those research institutes, in 2017-2018, the last years for which detailed counterparty information was available. While we are unable to confirm whether these entities have maintained their commercial relationship with GosNIIOKhT, their historic relationship suggests that they pose some risk of diverting goods to the Russian Government’s CBW programs.

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