Financial Institutions


Powering the Next Generation of Financial Crime Compliance & Risk Management

The regulatory climate is quickly shifting. 6AMLD in the EU and extensive reform of the US Bank Secrecy Act are becoming law, both with an intensive focus on information sharing and high-risk customer management. It’s more important than ever to have authoritative, shareable data on customers, counterparties, and transactions.

Sayari’s graph technology combines risk information and ownership and control data on hundreds of millions of companies and their key personnel in order to help compliance and risk management teams:

Improve access to reliable data sources across the globe, especially in high-risk jurisdictions.
Automate time-intensive intelligence gathering and isolate false positives to focus on true hits.
Harmonize due diligence and investigations and make decisions with confidence.
Document your work with access to original sources.
Enhance effectiveness of investigations & draft more useful SARs/STRs.
Integrate directly with existing systems & platforms.

Product Features

Flexible deployment and integration models including secure cloud user interface, API, and data subscriptions.

Global Data + Analytics for the

AML, FIU & Investigations

Automate the most time-consuming stages of investigations with pre-built relationship maps sourced to the most authoritative data from around the world.


Onboard & monitor with authoritative data.

Sanctions Compliance

Improve effectiveness with integrated watchlist & global company data.

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