Countering Chinese Economic Statecraft: An Exploration with Atlantic Council and Sayari

China’s deliberate economic statecraft—the use of economic means to pursue foreign policy goals—in order to create a more favorable geopolitical environment for itself has become a priority of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. The Party’s non-transparent tactics have made corporate entities enticing vehicles for facilitating its strategic goals.

Watch the Webinar:

With the support of Sayari, Atlantic Council, an international affairs think tank, published an investigative report on leveraging publicly available data to combat Chinese economic statecraft. In this webinar, an Atlantic Council researcher will summarize the report’s findings and Sayari researchers will offer exclusive insight into the investigative process. You’ll learn:

  • Ways China utilizes trade and financial flows or corporate ownership to its advantage
  • Which dynamics make countries or industries particularly vulnerable to coercion
  • How to use public data to explore private entities linked to the Chinese government
  • Policy recommendations that could help counter Chinese economic influence and coercion

Watch the webinar initially aired on November 15 at 11 a.m. ET for deeper insights into the processes that allow economic coercion to continue and how public data can illuminate the path toward mitigating Chinese influence.