Sayari Graph - Product Features

Sayari Graph is the first purpose-built tool for navigating the complexity of global corporate ownership and commercial relationships. This provides a complete picture of customers, vendors, and third-parties, while maintaining provenance back to primary source documents.

Global, Connected Data

Our proprietary pipelines collect, extract, enrich, match, and analyze high-value public information from over 250 jurisdictions.

Translation & Transliteration

Sayari Graph enables users to search records from around the world with the freedom to select specific data attributes or free text search.

Authoritative Data

Every piece of information displayed in our products is linked to an original source document that has been extracted from an official source.

Network Visualization

Navigate complex, cross-border corporate structures with network visualizations powered by custom graph-based matching and entity resolution models.

Data Provenance & Sourcing

Sayari provides time-stamped copies of records after every data refresh cycle so users can rewind ownership history and assess historical changes.

Risk Factors

Spot risky entities at a glance from anywhere in the platform with document-backed alerts indicating risk type and severity.

Adverse Media & Negative News

Accelerate investigations and minimize false positives with 4.5 million current and relevant news stories from over 50,000 global sources.

Sayari Graph

Sayari Graph is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud application with an intuitive user interface, scalable API feeds, and on-premise deployment models.

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