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Insights 9 minute READ 06/03/2021

Alleged ‘Pure Narco’ of Colombia’s Gulf Clan Linked to Broad Corporate Network, Luxury Real Estate Projects In Medellín

A recently arrested alleged Colombian drug trafficker connected to one of the country’s largest transnational criminal organizations is linked to multiple luxury real estate development projects in [..]

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Insights 9 minute READ 04/29/2021

Indicted Paraguay-Based Money Launderer Linked to Broader Illicit Finance Schemes in South America’s Tri-Border Area

A Paraguay-based currency exchange operator indicted in two U.S. jurisdictions on several money laundering-related charges is linked to broader contraband and money laundering schemes in South [..]

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Insights 5 minute READ 03/25/2021

The Khalil Majzoub Brothers’ Corporate Network: Possible Vehicle for Money Movement & Sanctions Evasion on Behalf of Venezuelan Government

Almost a year has passed since authorities in Cape Verde arrested Alex Nain Saab Moran, an alleged financial fixer and deal maker for the Maduro regime in Venezuela. Saab’s arrest and potential [..]

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Insights 5 minute READ 02/26/2021

Trademark and Tax Records Tie Multi-ton Cocaine Seizure in Hamburg to Paraguayan Paint Company

A multi-ton cocaine seizure in the city of Hamburg, Germany conducted earlier this month is connected to a company based in Paraguay, according to Paraguayan tax and trademark records. The seizure [..]

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Insights 2 minute READ 02/04/2021

Public Records And Network Analytics Enhance Investigations for More Useful SAR Narratives

Regulators and law enforcement have made it clear — financial institutions (FI) must do more to enable investigators to craft more useful Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Data from public records [..]

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Reports 1 minute READ 12/10/2020

Offshores, Seafood Companies, and Real Estate: Unpacking the Barrera Palacios Money Laundering Network in Peru – Report

The investigation into the Barrera Palacios network reportedly began after an unnamed financial institution filed a suspicious activity report (SAR) in 2012 with Peru’s Financial Intelligence Unit. [..]

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Insights 2 minute READ 12/10/2020

Peru’s Fishing Industry Involved in Laundering Money through GTO-Covered Miami Beach

An alleged money laundering scheme carried out by a family network based in Peru underscores how the Peruvian fishing industry has become a viable channel to clean illicit proceeds from a variety of [..]

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Insights 3 minute READ 10/20/2020

Corporate Data Shows 30+ Companies List Address Inside Sanctioned Paraguayan Shopping Mall

Almost fifteen years have passed since the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Paraguayan shopping mall Galeria Page for allegedly serving as a key [..]

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Insights 7 minute READ 09/08/2020

Operation Car Wash: Messer’s Money Laundering Network Involves a Web of Investment Companies in the US and Across Latin America

A federal court in Rio de Janeiro recently approved the cooperation agreement of one of Brazil’s most prominent money launderers — Dario Messer. While the deal may signal the end of Messer’s [..]

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Insights 3 minute READ 07/30/2020

Company Linked to Alleged Covid-19 Relief Fraud Maintains Several Trade Names in Florida

Federal prosecutors filed a criminal complaint last Friday against a Florida-based businessman, alleging that he fraudulently obtained close to $4 million from a government-sponsored coronavirus [..]

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