Automating UBO Discovery Without Beneficial Ownership Registries

Automating UBO Discovery Without Beneficial Ownership Registries

Now, more than ever, financial institutions need to know who they’re in business with. This starts with knowing who really owns a company, no matter where it is registered or how complex its structure.

Beneficial ownership information is fundamental to managing customer risk and meeting compliance requirements, but few governments disclose it. How can institutions comply with AML/KYC laws and regulations when direct access to the ownership information they need remains so limited?

The key is to fully leverage the data that is already public.

We already have what we need to automate beneficial ownership identification across the world. There is a tremendous amount of publicly available data that contains beneficial ownership information hiding in plain sight. We just need to capture that data and use the right technology to unlock its value.

Read our report to learn how we can leverage global public records and graph technology to automate the identification of beneficial ownership — and how this can help financial institutions address pressing compliance challenges today.

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