China’s MCF Funds: Identifying MEUs and Their International Footprint

03/22/24 2 minute read

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In the interest of national security, U.S. regulations bar American companies from inadvertently supporting the Chinese military by doing business with military end users (MEUs) and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Private companies seemingly unaffiliated with the Chinese state, however, may be indirectly involved in accelerating and modernizing its military via military-civil fusion (MCF) funds and similar investment vehicles.

In this report, Sayari analysts use publicly available corporate records accessed through Sayari Graph to explore Chinese MCFs, their domestic commercial networks, and their international footprint — particularly as it pertains to U.S. companies.

The MCF networks analyzed include:

  • The National Military-Civilian Integration Industry Investment Fund
  • Guohua Military-Civilian Integration Industry Development Fund
  • The National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund

Download the report to learn about these funds’ holdings and how their investments pose regulatory risk to U.S. enterprises.

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