Financial Crime Reform with Juan Zarate: The Future of Data and Technology

As bad actors devise innovative ways to move and launder illicit assets and authorities around the world demand more, financial crime teams – and the regulatory regime more broadly – need to adapt to be more effective at countering illicit finance.

From terrorist financing to sanctions evasion, illicit finance is evolving – and the proper and innovative use of technology and data will be key to combatting financial crimes now and in the future.

With an increased regulatory focus on effectiveness, is now the time for institutions and authorities to find and take new and creative steps to address financial crime risk?

In this webinar recording with Juan Zarate — global co-managing partner at K2 Integrity, co-founder and chairman of Consilient, and author of “Treasury’s War” — and Farley Mesko, CEO of Sayari, we discuss the current state and direction of financial crime regulatory reform, and how data, technology, and innovation impact it.

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