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Introducing Sayari Knowledge Center

10/09/19 6 minute read

Sayari is proud to announce the launch of Sayari Knowledge Center, a free-to-access repository of know-how and tips accumulated by Sayari analysts over hundreds of investigations.

What’s in Sayari Knowledge Center?

Sayari Knowledge Center is a constantly growing repository of information aimed at providing analysts, investigators, journalists, and compliance professionals alike with the ability to conduct thorough investigations—regardless of jurisdiction. While geared primarily towards Sayari Search users, the information contained in Sayari Knowledge Center is universally applicable. You can use the information provided in Sayari Knowledge Center to aid in both in-platform queries and conventional registry and database searches.

Fueled by Your Questions

Sayari prides itself on its cross-jurisdictional approach to investigations—an approach that guides the development of our product suite. Our analysts are required to understand public records not just in their region of expertise, but across the globe.

Needless to say, this approach means that we get a lot of questions. With queries ranging from how to transliterate Levantine Arabic names into Spanish during transnational investigations to how to break down Russian passport numbers, we’ve seen it all.

Sayari Knowledge Center is where you can find our answers.

Analyst Know-How

Sayari Knowledge Center contains two sections devoted solely to public records analysis and knowledge sharing. Here, you can view various jurisdictions, records, and even the Search platform itself through the eyes of our team of analysts.

Analyst Context

The Analyst Context section is where you can find analyst tips and tricks organized by region. The information housed here is tried, tested, and kept up-to-date by our own team of analysts. Can’t make heads or tails of corporate structures in a particular jurisdiction? Having trouble cross-referencing a transliterated company name? The solutions to those problems—and many more—can be found here.

Interpreting Public Records

The Interpreting Public Records section is where you can find detailed breakdowns of individual record types from across the globe. Unsure of how to interpret the date format of an Iran Official Gazette excerpt? Are you trying to better understand a company’s inclusion in the Venezuela Contractors Registry? This section provides comprehensive guidance for the correct usage and interpretation of these records.

Sayari Search Product Guide

Sayari Knowledge Center also contains three sections designed exclusively for Sayari Search users. Since Sayari analysts use Search daily, we have compiled a detailed manual to help our users get the most out of Search.

Getting Started with Sayari Search

This section gets new Search users acquainted with some of the advanced, yet simple-to-use, functionalities offered by the platform. From Search’s integrated translation tool to filtering for specific sources in the source list, this section is a one-stop-shop for both new and experienced users alike.

Mastering Sayari Search

Once new users have a basic grasp of the platform, they can head over to the Mastering Sayari Search section, where they can find both general and region-specific guidance on getting the most out of search queries.

Product FAQ

Finally, the Product FAQ section of Sayari Knowledge Center contains some of our most-asked questions about methodology, product functionality, and data maintenance. Of course, if you have a question and the answer isn’t here, submit a request and we’ll be happy to get back to you!

For Analysts, By Analysts

At Sayari, we understand analysts because, at our core, we are analysts. And as analysts, we know that the best investigations are born out of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through the launch of Sayari Knowledge Center, we aim to better equip analysts, investigators, journalists, and compliance professionals everywhere to do their best work.

The public records data used to power this research is available through Sayari Search! If you’re curious how this data could drive insights for your team, please reach out here.

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