Transparency Threatened – How Russia is Restricting Corporate Data to Protect Sanctioned Companies

Did you know the Russian government has started removing critical information about sanctioned and other high-risk Russian companies from public data?

These anti-transparency measures—drafted with the express purpose of helping Russian companies evade Western sanctions—present new challenges to sanctions enforcement, compliance, and broader risk management efforts. In this webinar recording, Sayari analyst Alexi Fehlman will discuss Russia’s change of heart on corporate transparency and what that means for managing global Russia-related risk.

You will learn:

How and why the Russian government is restricting access to public data

A decade of sanctions and a recession have hit the Russian economy hard. The Russian government is amending its corporate disclosure laws to protect companies, particularly in its defense sector, from further effects of sanctions. You will learn exactly how these laws have changed and what we know about enforcement so far.

What key ownership and control information on high-risk Russian companies is disappearing, and why this matters

New legislation allows certain Russian companies to opt out of disclosing their shareholders, directors, financial information, trade deals, and/or affiliates. Without this data, it will be difficult to identify sanctioned or other high-risk Russian networks and conduct effective due diligence on customers, partners, and counterparties.

Strategies for approaching this challenge now and in the future

How can authorities and compliance professionals identify high-risk Russian companies and their networks in this new environment? You will learn what sources of Russian company data are still available, what information they offer, and how to access them. We will discuss several strategies for using this data, with examples from investigations into real sanctioned Russian networks.

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Alexi Fehlman
Alexi Fehlman


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