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Sayari Map: Easily Identify and Manage Supply Chain Risk

04/26/24 4 minute read

After many months of research, development, validation testing, we were thrilled to finally launch our new product offering, Sayari Map, a supply chain mapping and risk screening solution aimed at enhancing visibility into complex global supply chains. 

One major driver for this product development has been the mounting geopolitical tensions and evolving changes in trade regulations – from export controls on semiconductors to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), which mandated upstream supply chain visibility. Additionally, we wanted to address the rise of the informed consumer who has been demanding more visibility and transparency into their favorite brand’s production practices. 

The fragmenting of global supply chains as companies seek to diversify sourcing and reduce regional dependencies requires that companies increase focus on supply chain resiliency and minimization of disruption risks. That’s where Sayari Map comes in.

How Sayari Map Works

The demand for supply chain risk identification is at an all time high. And a big blocker for many organizations has been the lack of visibility beyond the first tier. In many instances, supply chain and procurement teams have to manage thousands of suppliers which could mean a massive expenditure of time and resources will be needed to meet these urgent mandates.

Sayari Map empowers supply chain risk management, responsible sourcing, sustainability, and procurement teams to quickly map upstream supply chains, identify supply chain risk, and build comprehensive risk adjudication and monitoring workflows. Here’s how:

  • Illuminate Supply Chains: We turn billions of trade relationships into dynamic supply chains using market-leading/comprehensive data, including real trade data from 65+ countries
  • Expose Your Supply Chain’s Hidden Risks: We surface possible exposure to dozens of risk types, including forced labor and ESG, focusing on the suppliers relevant to your supply chain.
  • Market-leading Data You Can Trust: Sayari’s comprehensive corporate and trade data gives you complete confidence in the credibility of your supply chain intelligence.
  • Isolate sub-tier suppliers of interest: Sayari Map uses AI-enabled product blueprint technology to filter out the noise so you can better understand the suppliers that matter.
  • Streamline supplier risk screening: Sayari empowers teams to screen thousands of suppliers in minutes, quickly identifying and adjudicating risks within their supply chains.

Fig 1: The black boxes represent where Sayari Map fits into your Supply Chain Workflow. The blue boxes represent where Sayari Graph, our flagship product, can support. 

If you’re interested in seeing Sayari Map in action, download the recording of our latest webinar for a walkthrough with Senior Director of Product Management Rhea Rakshit.

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