Masterclass: Tracking Complex European Corporate Structures of Russian Oligarchs Using Graph and Data Analytics

Russian oligarchs with political ties to the Russian state have long relied on European institutions to protect and hide their wealth. This includes purchasing luxury real estate, dealing in art, and setting up business ventures all across Europe. Taking advantage of the stability of European governments, Russian politically exposed and sanctioned billionaires are able to launder millions of dollars in a single transaction and use the system to protect their assets from regulators and law enforcement.

Join Sayari analyst Alexi Fehlman to learn how public data can help you mitigate the global AML and sanctions risks posed by Russian oligarch networks.

You will learn:

How sanctioned and politically exposed Russian oligarchs use complex corporate structures to hide their wealth.

Russian billionaires with close ties to the state need to legitimize and protect their significant wealth from harsh U.S. and EU sanctions. They often hide behind complex corporate structures in Europe and globally. We will discuss common features of how these networks are structured and how they operate.

How to use public data and graph analytics to see the whole picture of these high-risk networks worldwide, including legal entities and real property.

Public data can help you quickly identify risk tied to Russian oligarch networks, including hidden ties to sanctioned or known high-risk companies, the overlap between shell companies and legitimate Russian entities, and the role of facilitator networks.

Real world cases, including sanctioned Russian oligarchs with holdings that span the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, the British Virgin Islands, and more.

Put what you’ve learned into action with a case study of the Rotenbergs, Russian billionaires who have used their global corporate network to conduct tens of millions of dollars of transactions through the global financial system despite sanctions.

Presented By:

Alexi Fehlman
Alexi Fehlman

Eurasia Analyst

Jessica Abell
Jessica Abell

Vice President Of Content Strategy

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