Uncovering Chinese Military Companies: The Power of Public Data

China’s military-industrial complex poses a serious threat to U.S. national security interests. The U.S. government has designated dozens of private “Chinese military companies” operating on behalf of the Chinese military and said that there are hundreds more yet to be identified. But how can an investigator uncover hidden military affiliations when all these companies are privately owned?

Once again, public records in the hands of a skilled investigator can help solve this problem. Join Sayari VP of Solutions Jessica Abell for a deep-dive on Chinese military companies, including practical instruction in how to identify them using public records.

We will cover:

  • How the Chinese military works through private companies (military-civil fusion)
  • Untangling complex U.S. watchlists, including NS-CMIC, Section 1260H, and BIS Military End User
  • Investigative techniques for identifying Chinese military companies using public records, with live examples
This webinar contains overlapping content from a webinar we ran in November 2021. It remains relevant, especially in light of recent regulatory actions, and we have updated it accordingly.

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