Masterclass: Disambiguating Entities With Identical Names

There are many companies, and even more people, with identical names. As an investigator, how do you determine whether you’re looking at the right one?

Entity disambiguation and entity resolution — that is, the process of determining whether multiple appearances of the same name refer to a single real-world entity and, if so, resolving them together — can be complex. Add the complication of multiple languages and scant data environments to the mix, and you can face a real challenge to the effectiveness of your investigations.

But entity disambiguation is a skill – and you can learn it.

Join us on January 31, 2023 at 11am ET for the next in a new series of Sayari Masterclasses that will teach you how to level up your investigations by overcoming common roadblocks. Jessica Abell, Vice President of Solutions, will walk through our expert team’s best techniques for disambiguating entities in even the most complex investigations.

We will discuss:

  • Surfacing and referencing unique identifiers
  • Combining non-unique identifiers to increase confidence
  • Leveraging relationship co-occurrence – a graph-based approach!
  • Capturing these analytical methodologies in entity resolution models

Credits Eligible: One (1) CFCS Credit

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