Money Laundering Through the Property Sector: Headline Cases in Review

Illicit actors have long used the real estate sector to launder ill-gotten gains. And although the property sector has been subject to increasingly stringent anti-money laundering regulations across the globe, these regulations are often poorly enforced.

The proliferation of leaks and investigations concerning sanctioned Russian oligarchs, kleptocrats, drug traffickers, and other nefarious actors laundering dirty money through real estate suggests that the problem persists.

Luckly, public records can go a long way toward aiding AML officers and law enforcement agencies in flagging and investigating suspicious real estate transactions – especially when the records are centralized, networked, and searchable.

During this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • Where high-profile, property-related money laundering cases are surfacing
  • What indicators to watch out for when investigating real estate transactions
  • Examples in Sayari Graph of mapping the property holdings of high-risk actors across the globe

Webinar attendees are eligible to receive one (1) CFCS/ACFCS credit.

Ciaran Doyle
Ciaran Doyle

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Nicole Calebrese

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