Product Release: Spring 2022

This product release includes a new project sharing feature with corresponding user roles & permissions within projects. This is the first in a series of teaming & collaboration features planned for Sayari Graph aiming to empower project and case owners to syndicate investigative content for broader access and consultative input without concern that users may inadvertently delete data or edit investigative results that change their core meaning.

Team Collaboration

The new project sharing feature now available in Sayari Graph will help empower users to handle increasingly complex project and case investigative work across teams, geographies, and disciplines. By enabling this form of shared collaboration, risk and threat insights acquired within one case investigation are now transferrable for re-use amongst teams. This re-use syndicates the value of hidden entity risk discovery to teams regardless of geographic location or functional area within an organization.

Portable Insights

Project owners can now assign different permissions to other users: sharing a project and assigned users to the owner, editor, or view role will determine how other users can interact with or change the project. With this capability, FIU and investigative teams will be able to share information and accelerate case investigation timeframes while still following the organization’s internal compliance & information management policies.

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