Master Class: Unexplained Wealth and High-Risk Customers in the UK, EU, and MENA

Master Class on Unexplained Wealth and High-Risk Customers in the UK, EU, and MENA with Middle East and North Africa Analyst, Ahmed Zuhairy.

This Master Class is ideal for those who focus on due diligence and KYC, anti-money laundering, or other investigations in Europe, the Middle East, or globally; are concerned about hidden exposure to illicit financial activity through European and offshore vehicles, or want to learn how to leverage public data in your workflows.

Topics included:

  • How to use public data and graph analytics to quickly see the whole picture of a high-risk customer and their assets worldwide, including legal entities and real property
  • Case study: Lebanese PEP under investigation for money laundering and other financial crimes, with holdings in the UK, EU, MENA, and offshores

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