New Features Added to Graph

June 7, 2021

Changes will be promoted to production over the weekend of Feb 20, 2021. New release includes:

  • Branding redesign, including color palette, logo, and typography
  • Improved calculation of when a relationship is no longer current (for snapshot sources, if a relationship is present in one record, but the following record does not include that relationship, then we mark that relationship as “former”, visualized w/ a gray dot. The exact mechanics, and which sources this applies to, can be a little difficult to track, but in short we are now marking a lot more relationships as former, and sorting them all below current relationships so a user doesn’t have to look as hard to find current information)
  • Tab drag/drop reordering
  • Project tabs (these are pinned to the left of the tab list, and show up when you open a project from the dashboard)
  • Translate tools redesign (the button to translate the page is now in the header, and the language select looks a little different. the tool to translate an input field, e.g. the search input, is also a little different).
  • Project saved dropdown redesign (there used to be two dropdowns in the header, one to list projects and the second to list saved entities/records/etc. these have been combined).
  • Entity/record page summary redesign
  • Source list added to the dashboard, including highlighting recently added sources
  • Graph multiselect tool (either click the pointer button in the top right of the graph, or hold shift or cmd)
  • New knowledge center at
  • Source tooltips link to the original source url, when available (e.g. on an entity page, hovering over the source text UK Corporate Registry opens a tooltip w/ a link button that allows users to navigate to
  • Improved inferencing of shareholder percentages
  • Watchlist tooltip: hovering over a watchlist icon displays the source that issued the sanctioned designation or risk indicator, making it easier to understand why entities are flagged as risky
  • Trellis graph visualization library open sourced and documented on a simple microsite
  • tl;dr – this is chiefly a design and user experience release. the two features of note, probably, are the rebrand, and the improved former relationship calculations.