Sayari Spring Product Release 2023

The Spring 2023 Release helps investigative teams work more effectively by displaying entity data in a responsive, tabular format and making it easier to get information into and out of Sayari Graph. It also expands Sayari’s data library to include all U.S. States, additional trade and supply chain data, several new Risk Factors, and deeper corporate registry data in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Feature Updates

Entity Profile Quality

Entity Summary Improvements
Get even more key information about companies, individuals, and shipments from their profile summaries, accelerating time to insight.

Entity Dossier PDF Export
Download polished, comprehensive entity dossiers for frictionless reporting on companies and individuals of interest.

Entity Relationship Spreadsheet View
Easily explore entity relationships in a spreadsheet format that supports column creation and sorting.

Shareholder Percentage and Relationship Date Sort
Sort relationships by shareholder percentage and relationship date to efficiently surface the entities most relevant to your investigation.

Supply Chain

Trade and Supply Chain Spreadsheet View
View trade-based relationships and shipment information at the entity level in a spreadsheet format for more streamlined data exploration.


Risk Notifications
Respond to emerging risks immediately and efficiently with risk notifications automatically alerting your team to changes in saved entities’ risk profiles.

Project Batch Analytics

Project Spreadsheet View
Easily manage batch entity upload projects in a spreadsheet format that supports filtering on label, country, and risk as well as column addition.

Interactive Batch Upload
Streamline batch entity screening workflows by customizing uploads directly in the platform.

Data Curation

Persistent User PSAs
Have user-defined Possibly Same As (PSA) groups resolved in Graph View appear across the platform, ensuring a single source of truth.

Data Updates

Corporate Registry Data

USA Data Completion
Now offering complete corporate registry coverage of the United States.

Enhanced Asia-Pacific Coverage
Coverage expanded to include the Indonesia UBO Registry, Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange, and China National Equities Exchange and Quotations Database.

New European Sources
European corporate and financial registry data expanded to include new information on 1.1M+ companies and 750K+ key individuals.

Non-Corporate Registry Data

Trade and Maritime Data
Expanded to include Paraguay Imports & Exports data as well as the UK Traders Database, which alone covers 8M+ companies.

Risk Data

Risk Factors
Implemented a new downstream ownership Forced Labor Risk Factor, an MEU Contractors Risk Factor, and five possibly-same-as (PSA) Risk Factors.