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Sayari Graph Fall 2022 Release: Collaboration and Broader Investigations

10/04/22 5 minute read

Each day, investigators face new challenges while balancing an already heavy workload. That’s why for the Fall 2022 Sayari Graph release, our focus is on helping our customers complete their investigations effectively – and with ease.

The new features were designed with an analyst’s day-to-day in mind. With expanded data types and workflow improvements, Sayari Graph can revolutionize the way you complete investigations.

Here’s what you can look forward to in our latest release:

Support broader and deeper investigations

The cannabis and marijuana industry is growing globally at a significant rate. Similarly, regulations on these businesses are ever increasing, with local, regional, and national laws constantly in flux and often in conflict. This is why Sayari has partnered with CRB Monitor, a cannabis-related business data source, to provide visibility into the commercial entities engaged in the cannabis trade. With Sayari Graph, customers can now identify cannabis- and marijuana-related businesses in their networks and make more informed decisions about maintaining business relationships.

For more information on CRB data, learn more here

Another way the Sayari data library is growing is with the addition of import-export trade data. This type of data was added to offer greater insight into the flow of goods into and out of key international markets, supporting everything from trade compliance and supply chain risk management to uncovering potential sanctions evasion and trade-based money laundering. 

For more information on trade data, learn more here.

Get improved risk insight

In the Summer Sayari Graph release, we introduced Risk Factors to help you quickly and confidently assess an entity’s risk. We’ve since expanded this feature to flag more than 20 risk factors and support other risk-relevant information, such as the Basel AML Index Score and the Corruption Perceptions Index. 

Throughout the entire workflow, entities will be flagged according to their risk category, and users can drill into any risk factor to view the number of related alerts and associated source documents. Supported by data from Acuris Risk Intelligence, Sayari Risk Factors gives users confidence in their ability to conduct faster, more accurate investigations into entities that pose risk to their organization.

For more information and a complete list of Sayari Risk Factors, learn more here.

Enjoy greater useability and collaboration

As we gain feedback from analysts on how they use our product, we’re always making improvements to ensure that Sayari Graph is the best weapon in their arsenal for investigations. We believe discoveries are easier to build on when they are all in one place. With Data Curation, currently in beta testing, customers will have the ability to complement our market-leading data with their firsthand insights. Users will also have the ability to create new contacts, entities, and relationships to centralize their data and unite your team around a single source of truth.

We’ve also made improvements to our Batch Entity Upload feature that allows you to add your own lists of entities and match them against Sayari Graph data at scale. With improved matching and automated entity resolution, we’re committed to speeding up the investigative process. 

If you have access to Sayari Graph, you should already have access to these features. If you’re ready to start mapping connections and accelerating your investigations, sign up today for a personalized demo of Sayari Graph.

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