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Sayari Graph Summer 2022 Release: Accurate and Efficient Investigations

06/17/22 4 minute read

Understanding risk requires nuance, which is why the Sayari Graph Summer 2022 release provides you with deeper context into the risk associated with each entity profile across a number of facets to give you a holistic view of risk. From access to negative news on key profiles to automatic flagging of fourteen individual risk categories, these newly added features will quickly provide a clearer picture of risk while preventing time being wasted on duplicates and false positives.

Bolstered by new curated risk intelligence from Acuris Risk Intelligence, Sayari Graph is an essential part of a variety of investigations, ranging from customer due diligence, sanctions enforcement and compliance, and various other AML inquiries. Along with new features, this release also greatly enhances data coverage in North America with new sources from Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Lucia, Bermuda, and others – bringing Graph’s total country count to 154.

Automate Your Risk Assessment

Your investigations are important and the faster you can conduct them, the faster you can address potential risks. To help you quickly and confidently assess an entity’s risk, Sayari Graph uses enriched risk intelligence data to identify if an entity profile falls under any of the fourteen new Sayari Risk Factors, categorized into three risk levels.

Examples of Sayari Risk Factors that could be tied to a key persona or business include:

  • Sanctioned
  • Organized Crime
  • State-Owned Enterprise
  • Regulatory Action

For detailed information and a complete list of Sayari Risk Factors, learn more here.

Catch Negative News Immediately

Not all press is good press. Now with Sayari Graph, you can conduct exhaustive media screening on key people and business entities with ease. Sayari Graph’s new Adverse Media & Negative News database allows you to investigate the reputational risk you could be encountering with ease by providing access to:

  • 4.5 million current and relevant stories
  • Over 50,000 global sources
  • News from over 120 jurisdictions

Using data from Acuris Risk Intelligence, a curated pre-interpreted data set covering over 120 countries, you’ll have access to a centralized media hub within Sayari Graph to speed up your investigations and analyses.

For detailed information on this new feature, learn more here.

If you already have access to Sayari Graph, these features will now be readily available to assist in your searches. If you’re ready to start mapping connections to support your investigations, sign up today for a personalized demo of Sayari Graph.

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