Taking On the Latest Export Control Priorities Using Networked Public Records

10/19/23 3 minute read

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The post-pandemic trade landscape has export controls playing an increasingly important role in the United States’ national security agenda. Although the U.S. maintains export control policies on countries all over the world, its current primary focus is limiting Russian and Chinese military access to American dual-use goods and intellectual property. These efforts have elicited retaliatory measures and evasive tactics not only from Russia and China, but also from their allies and supporters.
Between new legal toolkits and agile corporate structures designed to obfuscate end use, U.S. companies are facing a host of novel export control challenges. This ebook provides an overview of leading export control priorities and insight into how corporate compliance teams are leveraging public records to mitigate regulatory risk. You’ll learn:

  • How developing countersanctions laws impact U.S. exporters
  • How U.S. goods and technologies reach Russia and China through indirect trade
  • Indicators of export control risk for exporters to look for
  • A case study on uncovering ties to the Chinese military

About Sayari:

Sayari empowers regulators and investigators to mitigate risk exposure and fight financial crime by providing instant visibility into commercial networks worldwide.

Its flagship solution, Sayari Graph, harvests billions of public records from over 200 jurisdictions to deliver a global database of ownership hierarchies, commercial relationships, and risk analyses—available via web application, API, or data subscription.

Since its founding in 2015, Sayari has earned the trust of top financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, and government agencies, securing a $40M Series C in 2021. Sayari is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and its solutions are used by more than 3,000 frontline analysts in 35 countries.

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