Four Techniques for Identifying Chinese Military Companies

U.S. regulations in recent years have taken steps to prevent American companies from inadvertently supporting the Chinese military by doing business with military companies or indirectly facilitating the export of sensitive U.S. technologies.

But China’s Military Civil Fusion policy makes identifying Chinese military companies a real challenge.

Thankfully, there are techniques U.S. persons can employ to reduce the risk of violating U.S. export controls and/or sanctions on Chinese military companies.

This report will explain how to determine whether a target company:

  • Is on a U.S. watchlist (not always as straightforward as it sounds)
  • Is owned by a watchlisted company
  • Has investment from Chinese government-led military civil fusion investment funds
  • Has an address with ties to military companies or investment

Read the report to ensure regulatory compliance and protect your exports from risk posed by Chinese military companies.

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