Middle Eastern Art & Antiquities Smuggling: Indicators and Case Studies

02/06/23 3 minute read

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Ongoing political unrest and a rich archeological history have made art and antiquities smuggling particularly pronounced in the Middle East. For financial institutions, identifying risk is complicated by the fact that antiquities can not only be trafficked as a predicate offense for money laundering, but also used as vehicles for money laundering themselves.

This ebook will explore financial crimes related to Middle Eastern art and antiquities in detail, including:

  • Context and recent developments in this area of financial crime
  • Common risk indicators that financial institutions should monitor
  • Two financial crime case studies involving Middle Eastern antiquities
  • The role of public records in accelerating antiquities investigations

Gain a deeper understanding of art and antiquities smuggling risk and how to minimize your organization’s exposure to this type of illicit financial activity.

About Sayari:

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