Money Laundering Through Cryptocurrency: Indicators and Combined Investigative Techniques

08/16/23 2 minute read

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While an inherently transparent technology like blockchain might seem an unlikely vehicle for money laundering, illicit use of cryptocurrency (“crypto”) is on the rise. Criminal actors around the world are not only transacting with digital coins, but also using cryptocurrency products and services to disguise these funds’ illicit origins and eventually introduce them into traditional financial systems.

Crypto criminals’ evasive tactics have grown more sophisticated, but so have investigative countermeasures targeting crypto-related financial crimes.

This ebook provides an introduction to money laundering through cryptocurrency, detailing:

  • Why money launderers are drawn to cryptocurrency
  • Where in the world crypto money laundering is making headlines
  • What on- and off-blockchain behaviors indicate money laundering risk
  • How authorities are combining blockchain analytics and public records to combat the issue

Gain a deeper understanding of crypto-based money laundering risk and how to trace illicit funds using blended investigative techniques.

About Sayari

Sayari provides global corporate transparency and supply chain risk identification for government and industry. Its commercial risk intelligence software harvests comprehensive corporate and trade data from more than 250 jurisdictions worldwide and surfaces previously hidden risk insights in an intuitive network analysis platform.

Since its founding in 2015, Sayari has earned the trust of top financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, and government agencies, securing a $40M Series C in 2021. Sayari is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and its solutions are used by thousands of frontline analysts in 35 countries.

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