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Feature Spotlight: How At-a-Glance View Enables Focused Findings

12/14/23 3 minute read

More information is not always a good thing. When you’re digging through data to get the answers you need for your investigations, it’s important that you see the right information, right away. 

That’s where Sayari Graph’s At-a-Glance View comes in. Added to the product in the summer of 2023, this update helped users get to the data they really care about with ease.

Why do you want to reduce information overload? 

Whether you’re conducting complex supply chain investigations or looking for quick, actionable insights, Sayari users are always looking for ways to draw accurate conclusions, efficiently. Entity profiles help users get straightforward answers to questions around company ownership, financials, risk, buyers and suppliers,and traded products.

While users will always have the ability to dive deep into the data for a full picture of each entity’s corporate and trading network, At-a-Glance View provides top line intelligence in a single click, as well as an entry point into more complex inquiries.

What information can you gather with At-a-Glance View?

Get the most critical information about an entity right from its profile cover page and then drill into any topic to get a jumpstart on more complex queries. At-a-Glance View features key information for each entity including: 

  • Upstream Ownership
    • Get instant beneficial ownership diagrams and link to pre-computed ownership graphs.
  • Downstream Ownership
    • See individuals’ and companies’ most relevant holdings.
  • Risk Factors
    • View critical risk details and drill into their sources.
  • Trading Partners
    • Get instant insight into an entity’s buyers and suppliers.
  • Products Traded & Shipped
    • Quickly survey an entity’s trade history and drill into individual shipments.
  • Financials
    • Easily scan an entity’s top-line financial data.

Want to see for yourself how you can run efficient investigations into target entities? Schedule a personalized demo with one of our analysts.

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