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Sayari Graph Summer 2023 Release: Investigate with Speed and Focus

07/14/23 5 minute read

Focus on the information you really need with Sayari Graph’s Summer 2023 Release. The Summer 2023 Product Release better enables the analysts and investigators using Graph to more effectively uncover what they’re searching for, helping them ultimately power safer global commerce. 

The new and enhanced capabilities in Sayari Graph are designed with an analyst’s day-to-day in mind. With expanded data types and workflow improvements, Sayari Graph continues to revolutionize the way users investigate.

Here’s what you can look forward to in our latest release:


Accelerated time to value

Whether you’re conducting complex investigations or looking for quick, actionable insights, Sayari users are always looking for ways to draw accurate conclusions, efficiently. This release allows users to summarize and organize their data to better manage their investigations. 

With updates to Projects, including a new Dashboard, users can quickly identify what needs further review, dismiss what no longer needs attention, and be alerted to any updates or changes in their project’s risk. With Project Dashboards, users have a visual overview of each project, displaying summary stats and key indicators. Users will also be able to tag entities for easy filtering.  

>> Learn more about Project Dashboards here

Reduced information overload

More information is not always better. The Summer 2023 release helps users get to the information they really care about with ease. Updates made to entity profiles help users get straightforward answers to questions around company ownership, financials, risk, buyers and suppliers, traded products, and adverse media. 

Sayari Graph’s new At-a-Glance View provides top line intelligence in a single click. While users will always have the ability to dive deep into the data for a full picture of each entity’s corporate network, At-a-Glance View provides a useful overview as well as an entry point into more complex inquiries.

>> Get more information on the At-a-Glance View here

Comprehensive, accurate data

The Sayari data team is routinely expanding and improving our data. The Summer 2023 release features new import and export data offerings, introduces new WRO entity and forced labor data, and improves data quality overall.

Sayari’s data library now covers more than 467 million companies and more than 535 million key individuals. The team has recently added 68 million new records from 65 sources and refreshed more than 304 million records from 155 sources. Here’s a selection of the new data that can be found in Sayari Graph:

  • Trade Data: Sayari now covers import and export data from more than 60 countries, bringing the platform to a 5x increase in global trade coverage over the past year. This expansion represents 300% greater coverage over leading commercial providers of import, export, and bill of lading data.
  • WRO Entities: Sayari provides supply chain screening data and forced labor risk insights on entities subject to Withhold Release Orders (WROs) and/or findings issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • New Forced Labor Data: This Sayari Graph release includes seven new Risk Factors flagging entities named in or related to entities in academic research from Sheffield Hallam University reports, regarded by authorities and governments worldwide as reliable sources on named commercial entities with a high risk of forced labor.

    >> Learn more about our WRO and Sheffield Data here

    If you have access to Sayari Graph, you should already have access to these features. If not, and you’re ready to start mapping connections and accelerating your investigations, schedule a personalized demo to view these new features in action.

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